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Each year, college counselors like you guide thousands of young people through the college admissions process, striving to find the right match for their abilities, interests and ambitions. Your role is vital, and you are in a unique position to help identify students who would embrace and benefit from the wealth of opportunities the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program offers.

To learn more about how we select Robertson Scholars, visit our Selection Criteria page. If you have further questions, please contact

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We highly recommend using the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome when submitting a recommendation. You may experience browser errors when using Internet Explorer.

Thank you for writing a letter of recommendation for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. We appreciate your time and energy on behalf of this student and look forward to reading your letter.

We recommend first composing your letter in a word processing document such as MS Word or Notepad, saving the document, and then copying/pasting your response into the online submission form. We understand that writing a letter of recommendation is a significant time commitment. Composing and saving your response on your personal computer prior to submission ensures that you will not lose any previous work due to loss of internet connection, website traffic, or any other reason.

Please review the Recommender FAQs below prior to beginning your recommendation. For any additional questions, please contact

What questions will I need to address as a recommender?

The Robertson recommender prompt is accessible on the recommender’s online submission form. The questions are included here for your reference.

    • What sets this individual apart from his/her peers and/or other people that you know?
    • How does this student inspire and generate energy in others? How does s/he command the attention and respect of others? Has the student truly motivated, delegated to and led others or simply held a position and done all the work himself/herself?
    • How is this student motivated by her/his curiosity and passions? How does s/he exhibit a thirst for knowledge and improvement?
    • How has this student dealt with transition or uncertainty? We are especially interested in resiliency and resourcefulness.
    • How does this student demonstrate integrity and moral courage? Has there ever been an instance in which the student took a different stance on an issue than his/her peers?
How do I access the online recommender form?

When students enter your name and contact information in their Robertson online application, you will receive an e-mail granting access to your personal online recommendation form.

I did not receive my student’s recommendation request even after they sent the online request. What should I do?

We suggest first checking your Spam and Trash folders to ensure that the email was not accidentally classified as spam. If the recommender email message is not in any of these folders, please email and we can assist you further.

The recommender website timed out or did not show a submission confirmation. Did my recommendation go through?

We highly recommend using the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome when submitting a recommendation. You may experience browser errors when using Internet Explorer. If you continue to experience technical issues, please email with your name and the student’s name, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

When is my letter due? Can my student submit his/her application before my letter is received?

The deadline to submit a letter for High School applicants is November 15, 2014. The deadline to submit a letter for First-Year applicants is January 26, 2015. In order for the student’s application to be considered, you must submit your recommendation prior to the deadline. No exceptions can be made.

Can I write a student’s recommendation for both the Common Application and Robertson Application?

Yes. Students may ask the same individuals to write both the Common Application and Robertson Application letters of recommendation. Note that Robertson letters of recommendation for high school students are submitted online and are due by November 15, 2013. The Common Application recommendations are submitted separately to the universities. Recommenders may include the same language in both responses; however we request that Robertson recommenders also address the specific questions in our prompt.