Robertson Scholars are curious and conscientious leaders who think deeply and embrace innovation. They get into action in large and small ways to change the current reality at the level of the self, the group, and the system. Robertson Scholars understand that systems change requires collaborative effort, and as such, are always aware of the ways in which their actions affect others. They're committed to building community and see transformational leadership development as a practice. They're open to deep introspective work and continuous conversations necessary to develop new perspectives. Robertson Scholars act with integrity and align their choices to their values.

As a Robertson Scholar you’ll join a lifelong community committed to transformational change.  You’ll explore who you are, what you are committed to, and how to lead from your values in the face of an ever changing world.


The 2024-2025 selection process is open for current Duke & UNC first-year students.
The application for current High School seniors is now closed.