CompostMates Expands Services to Combat Climate Change

Robertson Scholars, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, at Duke University’s Smith Warehouse in Durham, N.C.  

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On this Earth Day we are pleased to recognize the efforts of Lydia Rowan (UNC ’24) and her organization CompostMates, which is striving to reduce waste in Chapel Hill. CompostMates is committed to expanding expanding access to compost services throughout the UNC campus community and the broader Chapel Hill community by providing free curbside, food scrap collection services. Since its founding, CompostMates has diverted approximately 3,000 pounds of waste from area landfills.

“CompostMates is a beautiful example of a community claiming ownership over climate action. We strive to achieve shared shared responsibility for the climate crisis through community collaborations and connections. Composting is one of the simplest ways folks can live more sustainably. I’m very grateful to my fellow compost mates, our community partners, and the various avenues of support with UNC that have allowed us to provide a free service to numerous households,” Lydia shared.

UNC is recognizing CompostMates for its good work in the community as well. Check out the feature video below and learn more about the organization and its transformational impact on the Carolina and Chapel Hill communities.