cholars use this page along with Summer updates provided by email and in the Robertson Bulletin.

First, read the Robertson Community Summer Description 2019Most internships in Edgecombe County, the MS Delta, and New Orleans begin on or about June 1 and last eight weeks.  A few are longer (e.g., Orleans Public Defenders and SCFP). Positions in Whitesburg generally begin mid-May and last until mid-July.

Second, below is a list of Community Summer positions. Read about Scholars' experiences on Robertson Connect--click on the Summers link. We have included some of the information from Connect on the reviews links below.

Here's the handout from the Summer Showcase 2018 (11/11/18).

Community Summer 2018 documentaries are temporarily available here.  The older documentaries were available during spring semester in both offices and are available upon request during the summer.
Mississippi Delta
Tarboro, NC
New Orleans, LA
Whitesburg, KY

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SUMMER 2019 Logistics

Memo of Understanding Complete this with your Mentor and return to Meera Jayaraman by June 17, 2019.

Mental Health Resources

These are some nontraditional options that other Scholars have found helpful. It’s not a comprehensive list, but these have helped students move in the right direction with mental health.

BetterHelp: This app matches you with a licensed counselor for a long-term or short-term counseling relationship over the Internet. You can write in messages and receive answers, and schedule a phone call or video session. $40 - $70 a week.

Talkspace: Another app that matches you with a licensed counselor to reach out to 1-2 times a day, with the ability to add a video chat. Begins at $49 a week.

7Cups*: The free version of this app connects you to caring listeners (who aren’t professionals) for emotional support. The paid version (with professionals) starts at $33/week.

What’s Up?*: This app uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods and gives you strategies to ground yourself and cope.

Mood Kit*: Uses a foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and provides users with over 200 mood improvement activities.

*= Not a professional healthcare provider.