Updated 1/30/2023

We're getting into the exciting part of Summer preparation!

  • Some of you have requested the April 1 deadline (instead of March 1).  You have until midnight January 23 to request this by completing this form. Vicki is working on this and will respond soon!
  • Optional rough drafts are due by midnight February 1.  Details and instructions below.
  • Professor Emma Rasiel will let Vicki know 1/30/23 that Oliver Wyman will not be accepting interns for Summer 2023.



We offered three additional Exploration/Launch/Transition Summer Workshops after the November 6 event and will not be organizing further workshops.  The following Alumni participated in person and/or via Zoom: Emelyn Bluhm, advocate for maternal health care for homeless; Forest Cummings-Taylor, software engineer; Diandra Dwyer, UX designer and animator; Eli Hornstein, scientist and entrepreneur; and Katie Jordan, Internal Medicine resident at Duke.

Do to personnel changes, Oliver Wyman will not be accepting interns for summer 2023.

What happens after committing to a Summer?

  • The steps are laid out in Vicki's Invitation Email.
  • Commit to Summer by 10/17/22.
  • Identify a Summer Coach by October 28 by completing this form and work with that person throughout the process.
  • Re-read your Summer reflections and Staff feedback.  If you didn't turn in a reflection, or you submitted yours late, you missed the chance for feedback.
  • Attend Summer Celebration and Exploration/Launch/Transition Summer workshop 11/6 or one of the three make-up sessions
  • We have developed a system of optional coaching sessions and optional proposal review to help guide your work.
    • You’ll be able to sign up for individual coaching sessions with Alumni December 12-16 or January 2-10.
    • Submit an optional draft for review.  These guidelines might be helpful.  Drop draft materials in this folder by midnight February 1.  They will be immediately shared with a review committee.
  • Submit a complete proposal and budget by March 1, 2023 to ensure timely funding.
  • Complete reflection process in September.

Where can you go for ideas and inspiration?


The Proposal and Budget process


Info for International Travel


Resources and Opportunities for 2023--always under construction



Additional Resources

Transferable Skills Worksheet     This will help you organize and articulate the skills you have and those who you want to gain through Summers.

Third-party providers (examples--there are a lot! These organizations provide opportunities for interactions that are hard to create as an individual, particularly in international medical, educational, or other settings. Some offer valuable opportunities to learn about new places.