Update 1/27/2022

Robertson Scholars class of 2025--welcome to your temporary Community Summer page!  I'm not sure what went wrong when a significant amount of material disappeared from our "official" page 1/26/22.  While we try to figure out the answers, we'll use this page to list updated Community Summer positions.  The information on the other page is accurate--just incomplete.

Immediately, we want you to have information about Sunflower County Freedom Project while you decide whether you want to apply. SCFP reviews will be helpful.  This organization is one of our longest-running partners--our Generative Conversations speaker on Tuesday, Dr. Crystal Sanders, was the first to go there! (We were happy to see several of the Class of 2025 in attendance!)  We truly value our relationships with our community partners and try to share as much information as we can as you're deciding whether to apply.

  • This is a full 9-week internship and one of the most intense we offer.  You will be able to do fun things on the weekends, but the workdays are long.
  • How do you feel about the heat?  The Mississippi Delta is hot, and there's sometimes an exercise component to this position to encourage physical activity.  I don't know what the plan is for this year.  It's okay with us if you're uncomfortable, but we do want you to be aware in case you have health issues.
  • Do you like camping? The internship wraps up with a powerful camping experience with the Freedom Fellows. Remember the heat. . .
  • If you're someone who needs some alone time during the day, this might not be a great fit.  We have certainly had some hard-core introverts in this position! Like most teaching positions, you'll be around the Fellows and staff all day, including lunchtime.  This is why there's often some napping in the car on the way back to the house!
  • SCFP is a 30-minute drive from the house in Cleveland. Therefore, at least one Robertson will need to drive. (We'll talk later about ways to share the cost of driving.)
  • The most unhappy Scholars in this position are the ones who had an idea about "what they could offer" and were not able to adjust to the reality of what the organization was asking for.  This is a humbling position.

SCFP also offers powerful learning opportunities! It's not all hard!  We've had Scholars go on to do these things:

  • maintain connections with Freedom Fellows they worked with during the summer.
  • return for a later summer in a different staff role.
  • pursue deep community engagement work during college and beyond.
  • pursue academic work informed by their experiences, such as majors, honors theses, and, advanced degrees (e.g., Crystal Sanders, Alexis Dennis, Brooke Davies) , setting themselves up for further leadership.

To be clear--Community Summer will stay with you forever if you let it.  Many alumni connect their academic, professional, and personal leadership trajectories to experiences they had during that first summer--this is not unique to the SCFP.

If we do send you forward to apply, after you've submitted your application, you'll be contacted by the SCFP staff for next steps.

If you do not apply to SCFP, there are dozens of other amazing opportunities. We promise that there are multiple places where you can contribute, learn, connect, and open your hearts.



Confirmed positions for 2022 (It'll take a little while to rebuild this list)









Everything below will be updated for 2022.

  • We have arranged emergency medical insurance to complement your own coverage while doing Robertson activities. Take this with you, or take a photo of this, if you need to call. Here's the policy  for domestic travel.
  • All Scholars receiving some funding for Summer 2021 should complete this form and return to Vicki. Here's a sample in case you have questions.


Remote Opportunities from Robertson Alumni
Robertson alumni are creating excellent virtual opportunities representing many disciplines and topics, from digestive disorders to conservation engineering.

Remote opportunities with Robertson Community Partners. Let Vicki know you're interested!

Other Opportunities for Summer 2021. (We post these as they come to us)