This is a great Summers photo. Brennan Lewis (2019) and Monique LaBorde (2017) are working on Brennan's Launch Summer project--a documentary about Pride parades in small Southern towns. Brennan is in the Triangle--ask them about their experiences during Summers and as a Robertson!

We'll use the original Community Summer page for housing and retreat logistics.


Update 3/6/2023

Please let Vicki/Sydney know right away once you hear that you've been accepted into a position.

It's been a busy couple of days for Community Summer.  As of Friday, the new Delta Health Center/St. Gabriels position is nearly done and very exciting!  Monday, we met with the ENCIP director and learned about the new positions confirmed in Edgecombe County. For now, we can tell you this (others besides Robertsons will be applying):

  • Two interns will work with Vidant Advance Care Planning position (one must have a car)
  • One intern will work at the Health Department
  • One will work with the Edgecombe County Public Schools on mental health, a continuation of the work Perisa Ashar started in Summer 2022
  • Two interns will work with the Sheriff, doing ride-alongs with deputies, visiting the jail, and learning about factors related to community health and safety and recidivism
  • Two interns will work with Tarboro Parks and Rec, helping create a plan for more green space access and working with the kids in the "waterproofing" program, given persistent high rates of drowning of African American children
  • Two interns will work with a non-profit that works with middle-school and high school young men, teaching life skills and lots of other things, informed by the work Emilio Abelmann did Summer 2022.


We now have two people applying for the Sunflower County Freedom Project.  SCFP has waited patiently for a few Robertsons to come their way, so we're hopeful these two will be placed there.

Here's the Community Summer Guide 2023 you first received in November, uploaded again with better formatting.  We expect you to fully engage in the learning process you've been hearing about for months.  The steps outlined in Step 2 of the guide are the minimum for learning.

The class of 2025 created these reflection videos at the end of Community Summer 2022.  We showed these at the Community Summer Celebration in November:   MS Delta   New Orleans  Tarboro   Whitesburg, KY

We'll put this on a different page soon, but in the meantime, here's the link to upload your Social Security Card or ITIN letter.



Positions confirmed for 2023  We've listed the Scholars and a few recent Alumni who held these positions. Expect most positions to begin about June 1 and go through July 2023.


Positions from 2022 still under review for 2023


Scholars and Recent Alumni, by Location

  • Mississippi Delta: Peter Andringa, Ben Ayto, Liza  Becker, Trenton Bricken, Lily Clark, Tamira Daniely, Bennett David, Jia Dua, Nonnie Egbuna, Adam Enggasser, Ruth Fetaw,  Jemma Frost, Lawton Ives, Warner Lamar, Rasheca Logendran, Dikenna Ogbu, Rahi Patel, Carsten Pran, Cara Price, Naraya Price,  Kyle Ryan, Jake Sheridan,Bennett Stillerman, Allayne Thomas, Aakash Thumaty, Kamryn Washington, Aaron Williams, Antonia Young, Michael Zhang
  • New Orleans:  Sydney Adams, Vignesh Alagappan, Cameron Beach, Christina Boghosian, A.G. Chancellor, Patrick Clinch,  Samia Daghestani, Annie Dempsey, De'Ivyion Drew, Annie Evans, Annie Gonzales, Brady Hanshaw, Kalley Huang, Meghana Iragavarapu, Ben Keegan, Jacob Key, Joel Kim, Zoe King, Montana Lee, Clara Love, Nate Miller, Anshu Mohan, Mary Laci Motley,  Mary Ashley Murrah, Brooke Porter, Evan Rodgers, Brock Schoenwald, Matt Smith,  Priya Sridhar, Becca Sullenger, Niharika Vattikonda, Tom Wanty, Sam Zahn
  • Tarboro:  Juniors: Karen Gonzales-Palomo, Campbell Lindquist,  Felipe Yanaga;  Seniors & Alumni: Jess Edelson, Katherine Gan, Anjali Gupta, Naira Ikram, Emily Kian, Ralph Lawton, Serena Lim-Strutt, Divya Mahesh,  Michelle Nandi, Olivia Olsher, Sophia Ramirez, Matt Schaefer, Joseph Touma, Adam Ushpol, Hannah Watson
  • Whitesburg:  Leland Ben, Clare Bradshaw, Jermaine Bryant, Stephen Buys, Jamal Edwards, Rose Farah, Josie Fulton,Beza Gebramariam, Merritt Jones, Georgia Lala, Weston Lindner, Rachel Maunus, Michael Muller, Amanda Padden, Ben Rees, Kameron Sediqh, Kat Tan, Elise van den Hoek, Savannah Wooten, Vishnu Ramachandran, Sierra Winters, Charlie Zong