Logendran, Rasheca

Rasheca Logendran

Duke   |   Raleigh, NC   |   Raleigh Charter High School

In what way has your experience as a Robertson Scholar challenged you the most?

Really getting to understand how leadership looks like in different ways from each scholar is something that challenged (but in a good way!) me the most.


Please share an example of how one of your summer experiences impacted your leadership.

The summer experiences really allowed me to explore the world and understand better that I actually don't want to do "field" work so much; it gave me clarity regarding how I believe I am better suited to working in policy to enact change.


If you had one piece of advice for future Robertson Scholars, what would it be?

Really get to know your older scholars and also try to build community within your year, it ets really difficult to do after the first year.


Anything else you want us to know?

I feel like during the last 2 years there weren't really much programming for scholars, which I found a bit sad. Even if they aren't "mandatory" events, maybe trying to scheudule at least an event each semester for each class to get together would be perfect.


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