High School Senior Application Process

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program invests in young leaders who want to make transformational contributions to society. Watch the video below to learn more about our High School application process, and gain insight into some of the most frequently asked questions about our program.

Current UNC & Duke Student Application Process

Currently enrolled UNC & Duke students are also invited to apply for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. Interested students should review the video below outlining important eligibility requirements and the application process. 

Alumni Insights

Have additional questions about the Robertson experience? Take a look at our alumni videos below for additional insights on the community, the program, and the experiences offered by the Robertson. Check back here often, we'll be adding more videos throughout Fall 2021!

Mary Laci Motely (UNC '21) & Sebastian Baquerizo (Duke '17)

Robertson alumni Mary Laci Motley & Sebastian Baquerizo connect and reflect on the passion and diversity of thought in the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, the benefits of the cohort experience, and the networks they gained as Robertson Scholars.

Nonnie Egbuna (Duke '20) & Ajeet Hansra (Duke '14)

Nonnie Egbuna (Duke '20) & Ajeet Hansra (Duke '14) reflect on the power of story telling in creating transformational change, the benefits of opening yourself to exploration, and how the Robertson inspired them to live their values post-graduation. 

Daniel Lim (Duke '16) & John Harris (UNC '12)

Robertson alumni Daniel Lim (Duke '16) & John Harris (UNC '12) dive into the power of the Robertson summer experiences and how The Robertson helped refine their views on ethical leadership.

Abigail Gay (UNC '17) & Trey Walk (Duke '19)

Abigail Gay (UNC '17) & Trey Walk (Duke '19) share the perks of Campus Switch, the importance of mentorship, and how the Robertson encouraged them lean into their commitments and values.

Randall Drain (Duke '05) & Jackson Skeen (Duke '18)

Randall Drain (Duke '05) & Jackson Skeen (Duke '18) discuss the importance of collaboration, how the Robertson prepared Jackson for the Mitchell Scholarship & Yale Law Journal, and inspired Randall to take risks and envision what's possible as a member of the first class of Scholars.

David Spratte (UNC '17) & Kasper Kubica (Duke '17)

In this alumni video learn from David Spratte (UNC '17) & Kasper Kubica (Duke '17) about how the Robertson inspired them to launch their own business, utilize program resources to hone their entrepreneurial skills, and grow their skills as leaders and business owners.