Alumni Profiles

A. G. Chancellor IV

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Mastic Beach, NY
High School: William Floyd High School

For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to the fields of law and government. These distinctly human concepts are the foundation of our society. Nearly every facet of our lives is influenced by the laws we live under and the government that guides, creates, and enacts such laws. As a result, I view the knowledge and the practical use of laws and government as the best means to do the most good for the most people. Throughout my high school career I have used my time to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to enter fields related to the aforementioned topics through both my academic schedule and extracurricular pursuits.

I was an active member of the YMCA Youth and Government program where I had the ability to debate issues of state, national, and international importance alongside thousands of my peers.I was also fortunate enough to be a member and captain of my school’s mock trial team and competed at the state and world competitions which afforded me a chance to look at how law varies around the globe. These programs, in conjunction with related academic classes such as government and macroeconomics, have been strong influences on my decision to pursue a dual degree in public policy and economics during my time at Duke.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? 

The Robertson program offers me unparalleled freedom in shaping my educational path. The full scholarship portion of the program provides me with the chance to pursue a wider array of opportunities post college since I will be free of the typical debt of the average college student. In conjunction to this, the study abroad component gives me the ability to broaden my views through experiencing new parts of the world. Finally, the program provides access to a unique group of students who will both challenge and strengthen my convictions over the next 4 years.

Chancellor, AG