Alumni Profiles

Adejuwon Ojebuoboh

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Jacksonville, NC
High School: Jacksonville High School

All I desire in my life is to bridge communities, connect cultures, curtail disparities, and simply bring people together. It’s crucial we embrace that compromise is not capitulation, but we must remain grounded in our principles. Finding the healthy balance between morals and tolerance is not only at the core of my leadership character but the guiding light of my life. All this, I pray, will lead to more progression, more advancement, more innovation, and ultimately lasting, effective change.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

Consolidation and Community. These ideas lie at the foundation of the Robertson. Consolidation of two premier universities opens doors to channel my passions of community, politics, investments, and ideology. Community of not only highly intelligent but service-orientated students stood out among the long list of colleges. This unique cohort coupled with the unprecedented dual-citizenship access, seemed impossible to attain while applying. I’m still graveling that God made a way for this to occur. I acknowledge if anyone had been put in my shoes with the parents and culture I am fortunate to have, anyone could attain this. This simple understanding of opportunity and responsibility is shared amongst all of us and we all aim to pay it forward. That’s what makes the Robertson Program not just prodigious but selfless.

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