Alumni Profiles

Amelia Paulsen

Campus: UNC
Hometown: McLean, VA
High School: Sidwell Friends School

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

The sense of community and camaraderie within the program is unparalleled. I saw an energetic team with tremendous goals and immediately wanted to be part of it.

How has your experience with the Robertson shaped your goals and career path?

Being a Robertson has connected me with peers and mentors that push me to learn and grow beyond my expectations. Though my goals and interests have changed over time, the program has always given me a foundation to build from and a team to build with.

What has been your favorite Robertson moment so far?

My favorite Robertson moment was our final campfire at orientation NOLS. After an exciting and invigorating few days, I felt connected to my peers and ready to start on the next chapter of my life.

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