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Scholar Profiles

Anjali Gupta

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Edison, NJ
High School: Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies

My interests lie within two major spheres. Academically, I’m fascinated by molecular biology, specifically as it pertains to medicine. There’s incredible beauty to a world so elegantly complex. I’d like to explore this tiny world further – the millions of signaling pathways that interact in sophisticated ways to make life possible. Over the last few years, I’ve fallen in love with research, working in various labs and exploring topics from immunology and cancer biology to psychology. I’m particularly interested in harnessing the power of genetics to better understand, diagnose, and cure various neurological conditions and cancers.

My second sphere of interest is education advocacy. Growing up in an Indian-American household with immigrant parents opened my eyes to a world far behind my own. During my sophomore year of high school, I founded School for a Village, a nonprofit organization that brings science and technology education to villages around the world. We partner individually with village schools to provide targeted programs and resources, relevant to the local context. School for a Village has enabled me to find my voice, traverse cultural boundaries, and converse with people from different walks of life and diverse backgrounds.

The rest of my interests are perhaps more varied: tennis, Bharatanatyam classical dance, Broadway soundtracks, Maya Angelou, women’s rights, and traveling. As my spheres shift and evolve, one aspect will remain constant – my desire to understand the world better, both at a micro-level and in the broader sense of humanity.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? 

Everything. A wide range of both domestic and international experiences, mentorship and leadership training provide unparalleled opportunities for personal growth. The Robertson encourages students to think differently and challenge the status quo. It is an invitation to quite literally experience the world in ways that I had never even previously considered possible– and to do it in the company of a diverse group of changemakers.

Gupta Anjali
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