Scholar Profiles

Annabelle Qian

Home Campus: UNC

Home Town: Alpine, UT

Intended Major/Minor: Economics and Business Administration


What are you curious about and hope to explore as a scholar?

I believe there is unlimited potential for what each scholar can achieve and explore through this program. I plan to study macroeconomics and international trade and hope to experience the global economy firsthand. I am excited to travel to institutions around the world to gain an enriched perspective of scholarship and to immerse myself in new experiences. I am excited to explore the natural world as well through outdoor expeditions that develop my cohort’s collaboration and connection to each other and the world around us.


What is something you care deeply about and hope to transform as a leader?

I want to examine the notion of human rights through the lens of legal and economic freedom. Upon graduation I plan to attend law school and specialize in comparative international law. At the intersection of law and economics lies the potential for freedom to be integrated into the systemic frameworks of our societal structure. While in pursuit of this larger goal, I want to study the failures of the law to grant individuals freedom. I hope to explore this further by doing research in Western Africa about the residual economic impacts of colonialism on the innerworkings of global justice systems.

Annabelle Qian