Scholar Profiles

Annelise Bowers

Home Campus: UNC

Home Town: Charlotte, NC

Intended Major/Minor: Computer Science and Public Policy


What does it mean to you to be part of a life-long community of leaders like Robertson?

To me, being part of the Robertson community is about always having people to collaborate with and share ideas.  I’m excited to join a community that always inspires me and pushes me to think more deeply about issues and approach them with new perspectives and helps me take my ideas and goals to new levels.


What is something you care deeply about and hope to transform as a leader?

In the past few years, our reliance on Artificial Intelligence and computer algorithms has increased exponentially, but there is a hidden downside to this automation: many of these algorithms reinforce existing bias and inequalities. As a leader I hope that I can take on this issue and help set a model for writing more equitable code. I also care deeply about environmental issues, and I hope to find ways to leverage coding and computer science to help create a more sustainable future.

Annelise Bowers