Scholar Profiles

Annie Evans

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Zionsville, IN
High School: Culver Academies

When I started my adventure into boarding school life three years ago, I thought I wanted to be an engineer, lacrosse player, and volunteer. Little did I know that would all change in the short time that I was at school. Though lacrosse player and volunteer stuck through the experience, my academic dreams changed quite rapidly. Always absorbed by all things politics, reading articles, watching the news, and listening to podcasts, I never identified the passion that was sitting in front of my eyes until I was at Culver, my boarding school. I quickly realized though, that I had wanted to be an engineer because of my love for math and problem-solving. I struggled to identify a way to merge these two seemingly disparate fields until I realized that people were already doing it. FiveThirtyEight and other media outlets constantly use data and polling to present the political news in a different light. Pollsters across the nation use data to extrapolate information on public policy and election results. My AP Statistics course this past year solidified my decision; I want to use math to guide political science. For that reason, I plan on double majoring in Political Science and Mathematical Decision Sciences at UNC.

Like I said before I thought I would be a lacrosse player and volunteer; I had planned on letting those two activities dominate my time in high school and that I would continue on in college. However, two weeks into my Culver career, I became a member of the sailing team. That crazy journey led to the opportunity to sail all over the mid-west and eventually become captain of the team my senior year. I became much more likely to continue on in sailing than lacrosse by the end of high school. Whether or not I continue to sail in college, it is one of my favorite summer hobbies and I indulge as much as possible. I was also correct in my assumption that volunteering would dominate my high school career, but I had not foreseen the ways in which this would happen. I became far more involved in international volunteerism in both direct and indirect ways. Though I was used to volunteering in my community, this form aid impacted me differently because there was always an element of cultural exchange which I immensely enjoyed. I plan to continue both local and international volunteerism in college. I also became interested in more academically focused clubs like Math Club and Model UN. I am planning on keeping academic extracurricular in my college life. All of my academic and extracurricular interests kept me incredibly busy in high school and will probably keep me equally as busy in college, but I am looking forward to a great four years and to see what else will change for me.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

The Robertson Program allured me for many different reasons. The ability to diversify my college experience is incredible. I will be able to attend two world-class institutions with a cohort of students who are like-minded in their passion, brains, and hard work. The current scholars that I met during finalist weekend are incredible people and I look forward to getting to know them better and becoming part of their ranks. The summer programs enticed me because they, by themselves, offer immense opportunity to expand my comfort zone. The final reason is the support of the Robertson Staff, a resource that so few students have. I am excited to see what becomes my favorite part of the Robertson Program as I start my journey.

Evans Annie 2021