Alumni Profiles

Anshu Mohan

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Aurora, CO
High School: Smoky Hill High School

As a kid, there were two things I was always intrigued by: numbers and money. The application and importance of math in the real world has always been apparent to and interested me. As I began to experience more advanced math in school, I truly saw the impact that mathematics has on a variety of academic areas. During my first years of high school, my eyes were opened to the world of business as I took classes like marketing and business management, and involved myself in clubs like DECA and FBLA. Through cases study analyses in class and state and national DECA role play competitions, I experienced a similar sense of problem solving in the business world that has drawn me to math my whole life. Business quickly became one of my passions, for it was one of the first academic facets I came across that encompassed the two things that fascinated me as a child. Through finance, economics, mathematics, statistics and entrepreneurship classes at both UNC and Duke, I hope to find a career that I am proud of and that contributes to world around me.

Throughout my life, I have always aspired to be well rounded. I pushed myself to take the most rigorous courses possible while also staying involved in my school and global community. At my high school, I was involved in student government, where I served as student body president, played varsity basketball and tennis, and took part in a variety of clubs. During my summers, I have traveled to the Bahamas and India to engage in and initiate volunteering efforts for different causes. At UNC and Duke, I plan on staying involved in a variety of organizations to better myself and the communities to which I belong.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? 

At first, the program intrigued me because of the financial benefits and the ability to get an education at two of the best universities in the nation. As I began to uncover what the Robertson Program was truly about, I realized the most impactful benefits of being a Robertson went much deeper than money and a degree. The community of scholars and the experiences that come with this program are unmatched. I know that, as a Robertson, I will continuously be supported and pushed by my peers, which will allow me to discover new passions and build upon the ones I already have. The fact that this program not only creates outstanding students, but global leaders that have the resources and ability to be a catalyst for positive change in the world is what really drew to me the Robertson Program.

Anshu Mohan

Robertson Scholars, Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021, at Duke UniversityÕs Smith Warehouse in Durham, N.C.  

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