Alumni Profiles

Antonia Young

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
High School: St. Cuthbert’s College

At the beginning of high school I did not know where my passions lay. However, my school’s 2015 History Trip changed this for me. I stood where Hitler once stood in Nuremberg in front of thousands of zealous Nazis, visited the chambers in Auschwitz where many Jewish people met their death and walked amongst the Paris Catacombs representing the many that died for liberté, equalité and fraternité. This trip opened my eyes to the reality of the past and showed me that political agendas and doctrine will continue to define the world we live in.

From then on, I found my subject choices shifting to the humanities where I sought to develop my understanding of civilisations, literature, cultures and language and how the histories of these continue to shape our world today. I am also curious in the way in which different communities relate to each other and how external and internal factors influence such relationships. My academic passions, therefore, revolve around the topics of international relations, politics, history, geopolitics, international business and entrepreneurship.

I hope to continue expanding my knowledge of our world, its history and complex matrixes, so that one day I can contribute to making the world a more egalitarian and tolerant place.

On top of my academic pursuits, I have a deep passion for leadership and service. At my all girls school in Auckland, various coaching and tutoring opportunities and my role as Head Girl in my final year helped me to develop these passions. I want to develop my skills of effective leadership further so that I can help pave the way for future generations of women looking to make a difference in business and politics.

For the past 5 years I have represented New Zealand as a water polo goalkeeper. This is my second year with the New Zealand Women’s Water Polo team and we are currently training for the FINA World Women’s Water Polo Championships in Budapest, Hungary in July 2017. My proudest moment in my water polo career was being named the tournament Goalkeeper in the 2016 FINA World Women’s Youth Water Polo Championship. One day I hope to represent New Zealand at the Olympics.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

Reading the profiles of the current generations of Robertson Scholars is proof that it is the students who make this program so extraordinary. I am excited to meet people who, like me, want to make a difference in the world. The fact that each one of us has a different way in which we hope to achieve this common goal is both exhilarating and inspiring. The next four years are a significant period of our lives and I am so honoured to be experiencing it alongside such a passionate, talented, driven and diverse group of people. The Robertson Program not only welcomes us into this remarkable community, but also offers unique experiences to develop as a person, a leader and a global citizen. It is unlike anything anywhere and I look forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities it will provide to better myself, my peers and my community.

I am also attracted to Duke’s community, which supports innovation and curiosity, and will allow me to discover new passions and explore existing ones. Furthermore, to have access to both Duke and UNC’s extraordinary resources is an immense opportunity.

Young Antonia 2021