Scholar Profiles

Austin Layton

Campus: UNC

Hometown: Louisberg, NC

Pronouns: he/him/his

What drew you to the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program?

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program’s investment in their scholars and their free rein to invite creativity in order to solve issues is what ultimately led me to clicking the “apply” button. As a student that resides in a town that houses 3,500 residents, the available opportunities are limited. Through the program, I have the ability to implement my personal interests into my academics, while also fulfilling my individualized goals. I really considered the fact that I have control in building a path that is best suited for my interests, while also getting the chance to learn and grow alongside other encouraging and passionate scholars that may have completely opposite interests. I have the ability to branch out and explore the creativity in leading toward a better America. I will develop innovative leadership skills in order to work in accordance with the goal of making the community a better place for all people.

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