Alumni Profiles

Brady Hanshaw

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Charleston, WV
High School: Sissonville High School

“Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia is a beautiful state that is filled with breath-taking mountains and compassionate people. Growing up in such a region has greatly shaped my future ambitions and interests. Specifically, the state has exposed me to medical inequities present in rural regions of the United States and the importance of government and community-driven public health initiatives aimed to combat such issues. Once I began to further understand such disparities, my passion to aid the medically underserved grew. This passion to help led me to volunteer at a local free clinic, at three different hospitals in the region, and with the American Red Cross. However, I also wanted to learn how such problems could be alleviated, so I secured an internship at the WV Department of Health and Human Resources. Through these activities and other positions, I was able to help the underserved through volunteerism, experience the formation of state health policy, and establish a path for my future.

In my undergraduate career, I plan to major in Public Health and/or Biology within the premedical track. Furthermore, later on, I hope to obtain my MD/MPH, so I can practice as a physician that influences health policy. It is my dream to serve patients as a clinician while influencing the healthcare structure within West Virginia and the nation. For now, with my time at UNC and Duke, I hope to continue to expand my perspective and to learn more about our nation and world, so, one day, I can work to change it for the better through philanthropic leadership.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? 

I was intrigued by the Robertson Program because the mission of the program aligned with my own aspirations. For example, the Robertson Program aims to “invest in young leaders who strive to make transformational contributions to society.” Personally, I view the next four years as an opportunity to grow my ability to influence change. This world faces numerous obstacles, and we must solve them through acquiring both knowledge and experience. The Robertson Program allows you to study at two of the best universities in the nation while providing you with the opportunity to travel the world. I felt that the Robertson offered the preparation I needed to, one day, battle medical inequities and cause real change in the healthcare system. The program will provide me with the necessary education, worldly experience, and leadership development to truly transform society.

Hanshaw Brady 2022