Alumni Profiles

Brock Schoenwald

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Brentwood, TN
High School: Brentwood Academy

For as long as I’ve known, numbers have always come easy to me.  It is primarily why I dove into many math and science courses throughout high school.  After taking an economics course my senior year, it peaked my interest into business and is a reason why I plan to pursue a degree from the business school.  I also have a passion for making a difference to those around me and particularly to those who are younger and look up to me as an example.  This became evident after taking a trip to Haiti and seeing the impact we had on young children.  Since then, I have been involved in the Harvest Hands tutoring program in South Nashville and the Big Brother program at my high school.

Along with this, I was a part of a state championship football team and love to participate in anything active and competitive.  While I definitely have a love for all sports, I am not shy to dive in and try new things.  For this reason, I auditioned and received a role in the musical “Footloose” at my high school.  Ultimately, my dream is to travel the world and continue to immerse myself in new experiences in foreign cultures to gain knowledge about how I can make a difference globally with my own work.  I’m looking forward to the plethora of opportunities that college presents.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? Leadership has always been something I’ve sought out and the Robertson gives an incredibly unique platform across two world-class institutions to develop it.  The chance to be a part of this tight knit cohort while having a noticeable impact at two large universities is what stood out to me.  To be surrounded by so many brilliant minds from a diverse range of backgrounds was a signal to me that this would truly stretch the way I think and look at things.  The domestic and international travel opportunities that are offered during the summer were just icing on the cake.  There was no way I could turn down this experience.

Brock Schoenwald