Alumni Profiles

Darren Janz

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
High School: North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

As a North Carolinian active in political organizing, I have too often seen residents of our state deprived of their voices in our democracy, whether through district lines that minimize the influence of minority communities or policies that restrict the voting ability of students my age. My experiences advocating for the right of North Carolinians to express themselves at the ballot box have inspired me to pursue a career promoting democracy in the United States and abroad, seeking to use public policy as a means to ensuring communities worldwide have access to proper representation in government. I look forward to taking advantage of Duke’s programs in public policy, political science, and international comparative studies to expand my understanding of domestic and international voting rights issues, hoping to prepare myself for a career path in policymaking, diplomacy, and law.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

The opportunities provided by the Robertson speak for themselves, from complete access to the resources and academic programs of two leading universities to fully-funded summer experiences that allow scholars to immerse ourselves in community service, international exploration, and career preparation. What truly makes the program stand out, however, is the unparalleled sense of community it offers, with scholars able to grow personally and professionally as we connect with and learn from program alumni, sponsors, and each other.

Janz Darren