Scholar Profiles

Davina Boison

Campus: UNC

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Glen Allen, VA

What drew you to the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program? 

Not many are able to fully explore the breadth of their leadership capabilities in college due to the impending fear of financial burden. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program graciously grants its students the chance to do that and much more with fully-funded summer opportunities as well as extra incentives. The program’s investment into its scholars allows them to explore not only the things that drive them but also the systems in place that need their help. The community component of the program also intrigued me, and I grew excited to become a part of a cohort of passionate and driven scholars who would not only push me but also teach me as well. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is one of a kind in the fact that it allows its scholars to take advantage of the resources at not only one great institution but two! With the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, I hope to explore the vast number of ways to look at the world and reflect on the ways in which we influence and impact one another. I hope to supplement my studies of Health Policy and Spanish at UNC with some of Duke’s finest labs and resources to even better cultivate my journey to serving the healthcare sector.


Davina Boison