Alumni Profiles

Dikenna Ogbo

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
High School: African Leadership Academy

Academic Interests: Computer Science / Dramatic Arts

Extracurriculars / Hobbies: Theatre, film, dance

What drew you to the Robertson Program? The Robertson program’s purpose is to invest in young leaders who strive to make transformational changes in society. Growing up and schooling in Nigeria and South Africa, I have always been aware of the struggles several African countries face in the educational sector. It’s issues like these that have grown into a worthwhile passion that the Robertson program fosters, focuses, and helps develop into pragmatic actions that will bring about valuable positive change. I am excited about the support this program could give me with the projects I aspire to undertake, a network of students with brilliant ideas, and the endless partnerships that could be formed amongst us.

How has your experience with the Robertson Program shaped your goals and career path? Before I started the Robertson program, I had a limited idea of the path I needed to take to achieve my personal and professional goals, and those for my immediate society, and country. But after my community summer in Mississippi living with eight other scholars, and teaching eight year olds physics, math and astronomy, I learned that there can be multiple paths to achieve the same goal, and that it takes creativity and a lot of reflection to discover these paths. I’m being given the opportunity to explore these paths and discover which is best for me and what would equip me best to be a valuable contributor to the fields I’m interested in, my community, and the people around me.

Favorite Robertson moment: During my community summer, the house bought nerf guns and water guns for everyone. Any weekend we didn’t spend travelling to a nearby city, or exploring The Delta, we would divide ourselves into teams and have nerf/water gun wars, until there was a last man standing, or the whole house was wet and we needed to clean up. Don’t tell Allen.

Dikenna Ogbo