Scholar Profiles

Evan Finley

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Houston, TX
High School: Bellaire High School

The definition of leadership is not static: a leader is born when an individual discovers their unique path to making an impact. I strive to be a leader by pursuing what I believe in: a world united by globalism. I have fought against the rising tide of nationalism and stand strong in the belief that we all benefit by uniting in international camaraderie. Most importantly, I believe that educating others about the possibilities for creating positive change in the world around us and inspiring them to champion that change is the most impactful way to make a difference in our community. I hope to continue my journey as a advocate for globalism at Duke and beyond.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

Much of my high school career was spent participating in activities that I believed had the greatest impact on the greatest number of people. My extracurriculars taught me that an individual, even a high school student with limited resources and connections, could make a world of difference to friends and neighbors in their school, community, and state. The Robertson Program’s commitment to embolden and recognize those who strive for impactful community engagement is unmatched by any other scholarship. During orientation at Robertson Finalist Weekend, I was astounded by my fellow finalists: each one of them had their own unique story as to how they made a difference in the lives of others during their short four years of high school. It was then that I not only realized I had found a family, but found a lifelong group of leaders who will strive to make a positive difference in all their future endeavors.

Finley Evan