Alumni Profiles

George Elliott

School: Duke
London, UK
Graduation Year:

Academic Interests: Political Science (major), PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics), Sustainable Agriculture, Art

Extracurriculars/Hobbies: Dukes and Duchesses (student ambassadors for the University President), Carolina Marathon Team, Duke and UNC Debating Societies, Robertson Scholars Community Coordinators, Duke Career Center, Nasher Museum of Art, community service, cooking, sailing, swimming

What drew you to the Robertson Program? The Robertson Program’s emphasis on leadership and service resonates with my personal values and aspirations. I was drawn to the opportunity to develop my leadership skills among an engaged and supportive cohort of Scholars, with full access to the resources of two world-class universities. The challenges posed by the Program’s immersive summer experiences, Campus Switch, and Scholar events, coupled with extensive guidance and mentorship, are rapidly accelerating my personal development.

How has your experience with the Robertson Program shaped your goals and career path? The Robertson Program has broadened my perspective, reshaped my ambitions, and reaffirmed my emphasis on positive social impact. Working to improve access to nutritious food during my Community Summer in Kentucky inspired me to participate in a related Duke research project, and work at a sustainable food business in the UK. The Robertson experience has given me the confidence to pursue bold possibilities for the future, whether it be living in India for a semester, or developing my interest in business and entrepreneurship.

Favorite Robertson Memory: Summer life in Kentucky – all of it. I will never forget presenting birds of prey to amazed school children learning about conservation, touring one of the region’s last major active coal mining operations, and working with local farmers to harvest and sell their produce at the market.

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