Scholar Profiles

Jake Sheridan

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
High School: Charlotte Catholic High School

I find art and t-shirts at Goodwill three times a week, am addicted to podcasts, and play way too much Fifa. I love to visit flea markets, never fail to try weird foods, and have fun constructing barely passing political analogies. I am an expert in memes, am glued to twitter, and love to understand the opinions and beliefs of others. I have no shortage of hobbies and interests.

I am not interested in Ethics; I am obsessed. All parts of the world are incredible and fascinating, but I’ve lost myself in what I can’t see. The abstract – those intangible things that no one fully understands and everything rests upon – is where I plan to invest my time. I am captivated by different understandings of justice and freedom, social immobility keeps me awake at night, and I daydream about the ethical challenges are evolving society will face. I am particularly interested in making ethical frameworks more tangible in our country and world to guide effective change. I plan to major in public policy and study journalism, economics, philosophy, and political science. Above all, I want to use my opportunity to create the same for others.

I’ve been a pundit for as long as I can remember, but I started dedicating myself to ethics when I began to grasp the differences in opportunity between me and my friends throughout middle school. Since then, I’ve been involved in my city’s teen court, my school’s honor council, various campaigns, and debate, among other things.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

I think the Robertson Program is or is one of the greatest undergraduate paths in the world. Of course, it boasts funding for college, the opportunity to thrive in two incredible schools, and three summers of travel. However, what draws me in to the Robertson Program can’t be found under “Opportunities & Benefits” on the website. Each Robertson I met during finalist weekend carried her own unique, amazing story and deliberate ambition. Every one of them was kind, empathetic, and passionate. They were the most impressive and potential-filled people I’ve ever crossed paths with. The opportunity to learn from and be with them, along with the culture of the program, where growth is not an option and I can expect to be pushed, drew me to the Robertson.

Sheridan, J