Scholar Profiles

Jordana Rockley

Campus: UNC

Hometown: Weston, Florida

How do you think you’ll create transformational change in your community?

As a native South Floridian I have experienced the direct impact of global warming intensifying hurricanes. Increased global temperature causes sea levels to rise and will consequently displace millions of people from their coastal homes. I plan to empower the network of resilient leaders within North Carolina by introducing Climate 101 seminars which will serve to further educate my community on climate science, awareness, and solutions. These climate literacy and education seminars will embolden my peers to join the fight against climate inaction. In addition to inspiring my peers at UNC and Duke, I plan to introduce the idea of adding climate literacy events to local middle and high school students. This will serve to inspire the youth to use their voices and stand up for what they believe in.

Robertson Scholars, Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, at Duke UniversityÕs Smith Warehouse in Durham, N.C.  

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