Scholar Profiles

Kameron Sedigh

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Kings Park, NY
High School: Kings Park High School

When I was in middle school, I attended a DNA camp at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. For a young boy trying to determine what he wanted to do with his life, learning about DNA in the building where Watson and Crick discovered its structure was an awe-inspiring experience, one which would shape the interests and passions that I bring with me to college. What attracts me to biomedical engineering is that it seeks to solve the problems in the world of biology and medicine through the many applications of engineering. It is seemingly the ultimate interdisciplinary field, and it is the desire to study a field of science of many inquiries and applications that attracts me to biomedical engineering.

What I pride myself in is that I always look to explore and make connections with people of any and all backgrounds and interests. As a child of two Iranian parents, I have come to respect and love other cultures and I always look to keep up to date on foreign affairs around the globe. I am also proud to say that I am both an athlete and a mathlete, a product of my devoted love of sports and desire to academically challenge myself. In high school I have been able to be a part of many families, from the bond of a soccer team to the enthusiastic spirit of a marching band. And what I hope for is to play my part, inspire others, and be inspired by my Robertson, Duke, and UNC families.
What drew you to the Robertson Program? To be completely honest, the Robertson program was completely off my radar when I began my college application process. But even when I finally discovered the program, I didn’t think much about it because truthfully it seemed too good to be true. A full scholarship to one of the premier universities in the world? No way. Not possible. But I applied, not seriously expected to receive the scholarship. However slowly I worked my way through the levels of the application process, and then one day, in the bathroom of a bus travelling up to Boston I received the call. The call saying I had been blessed to be a part of a one of a kind family, of academic scholars, altruistic community members, and natural born leaders. A family that challenges, inspires, and learns from one another. The Robertson Scholars Family.

Sedigh, Kameron