Scholar Profiles

Kendra Tse

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
High School: Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

For me, leadership has been realized through an understanding that I cannot accomplish my goals alone. I believe that everything I achieve must be done in cooperation with others. Whether that’s working to break down biases as an Anti-Defamation League peer trainer, founding an intersectional feminism club, or dancing on stage, looking to others for support, ideas, and guidance is one of the most valuable skills I have learned to utilize. I hope to enrich my passions and leadership skills further through a continued effort to learn from my peers and bring people together in my new communities at UNC and Duke.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

What drew me most to the Robertson Program besides the incredible financial opportunity, was the spirit of embracing challenges and forging connections with a small cohort of motivated scholars. Some of the challenges that come with being a Robertson Scholar reminded me of the challenges of intercultural learning, which I’ve grown to love through my passion for travel. Roberson experiences such as campus switch and community summer challenge scholars to engage in an environment outside of their comfort zone. These opportunities help us develop a deeper understanding of the diverse human experience and our own identities within it. Additionally, the support of dedicated staff along with a small Robertson cohort is extremely attractive to me. I value the growth that will come from working closely with a group of motivated scholars from around the world. Their passion and energy will never cease to inspire me.

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