Scholar Profiles

Lawton Ives

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

High School: NC School of Science and Math

Academic Interests: Statistics & Analytics (Major), Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Minor)

Extracurriculars/Hobbies:  Politics, Student Government, Venture Capital, Running, Hiking, Skiing, Cycling

Growing up in London, England and Chapel Hill, NC I was lucky enough to be exposed to a wide variety of directions I could take my future.  Many of my most formative experiences have come in the outdoors.  Whether learning how to mountain bike in the mountains of western North Carolina, hiking sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, or trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, challenges presented by nature have helped me make some of my best friends and taught me how to accomplish other more meaningful goals.   I am not certain of the direction that I will ultimately take my life, but I am particularly interested in the intersection between public service and private enterprise. In my first year at UNC, I have worked to build the budding Institute of Politics on campus and laid the groundwork for a new angel-investing network.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

I chose to come to Carolina because of the wide range of opportunities availability at such a big school.  Applying to the Robertson Program as a first-year was the phenomenal way to make this range of opportunities even bugger. The flexibility to pursue interesting summer opportunities and the chance to join a community of other driven students is unbeatable.

Ives Lawton 2021