Scholar Profiles

Maria Hromcenco

Campus: UNC

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Pronouns: she/her/hers

What are you curious about and what do you hope to explore during your time as a Scholar? 

I love nearly all fields of study, but I am especially curious about philosophy. Why do people disagree so vehemently on certain moral principles? How do semiotics and language influence our internal dialogue? Philosophy shapes the goals and pursuits of nearly every other field; having a good understanding of philosophy thus acts as a universal language from which one can explore physics, economics, or even art. I especially love Sartre’s ideas of facticity and transcendence: there are certain elements about myself that I can’t change, but my transcendence–my capacity, aspirations, and possibilities–is up to me. I hope to further explore philosophy during my time as a scholar, whether that be through taking courses across the two campuses, studying abroad, or joining Duke’s Science, Law and Policy Lab.

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