Scholar Profiles

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Asheville, NC

High School: T.C. Roberson High School

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Entrepreneurship, Interests: Information Sciences, Gender Studies

Extracurriculars/Hobbies: Head of the Intern Program for BlipMe App, Recruitment and Social Media Chair for Moneythink UNC, UNC Club Soccer, Bluegrass Fiddle, Hiking, Flying (pilot in training)

Background: I have grown up in Asheville, NC surrounded by a vibrant and eclectic culture consisting of bluegrass, hippies, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. This mountain town influenced my passions for music, the outdoors, and community service. I spent many summers backpacking through Appalachia, and my love for the outdoors was a big reason I played sports competitively. Through soccer, I discovered my competitive spirits and passion for working with teams. I was committed to play in the SEC, but when I broke my foot during my senior soccer season, my plans for college radically changed. I was told I would never be able to run again, but miraculously, I have been cleared and continue to play the game I love at Carolina on the club soccer team. Although my future plans unexpectedly changed, the injury opened up the opportunity to pursue and develop other interests. I play the violin, and in the period following my broken foot, discovered music transcends brokenness by playing at local nursing homes and hospital systems across Western NC. This passion has carried into college where I have met incredible people through music and continue to work with local nursing homes in the area.

I was blessed to be raised by two great role models, my mom and dad. They are both incredibly hard working and selfless people who have pursued dreams and started their own businesses. They instilled in me their entrepreneurial mindset, and as a result, I am studying business with hopes of running my own. At Carolina, I have explored my passion for entrepreneurship and community service through a start-up I ran called Late Night Bites, and my internship with a local start-up app, BlipMe. Both businesses focus on needs in the area and combine business and entrepreneurial ideas to serve the community. I hope to continue to discover new ways to give back to the UNC community, and I am extremely grateful to be a part of the Robertson Program.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? 

I decided to come to Carolina late in the college process due to my athletic injury, and I did not know about the program until I met several Robertson scholars who informed me about the ability to apply. I jumped at the chance to be part of such an incredible and inspiring group of peers.

As I began reading about the Robertson, the community summer immersion was very intriguing. I have family across the rural South, and I admire the community summer’s focus in areas that struggle with inequality in many aspects of life. I also found the scholarship captivating as it was not portrayed as a gift but rather an expectation. I have grown up reminded to whom much is given much is expected, and I am thankful to be a part of a program that enables scholars to make meaningful contributions to the world.

Motley Mary Laci 2021