Alumni Profiles

Matthew Schaefer

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Newtown Square, PA
High School: Radnor High School

My life has been a series of unconnected obsessions. The subject of these obsessions has ranged from the WWE to magic tricks. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve recognized an underlying theme in my various interests; business. While those interests change and I develop as a person and adult, I have always been and will always be keenly interested in the business mechanics behind any organization. My most recent interest is reviewing technology, which I starting doing about 3 years ago. This time around I was able to turn my interest into a functionig business, and to this day I continue to own and run the YouTube channel “MS Tech”, with the help of one part-time employee. I plan to continue it for the forseeable future, but knowing my history of shifting obsessions, I could end up in a vastly different environment.

My goal after receiving a thorough business education is to use my skills with other companies and startups. I believe my changing interests reflect a desire for new and novel concepts to dive into, so after studying entrepreneurship I plan on consulting or working for various companies to improve their management and organization as much as I can. I see myself working at a few start up companies early in my career, gaining experience along the way, and eventually settling down and sticking with one company until retirement. But that’s decades away, who really knows what will happen.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? There were three main aspects of the Robertson Program that really drew my attention; the scholarship, the summers, and the community. The program really exposes the scholars to the outside world and how it works, which I’m excited to experience first hand. And the community of both scholars and mentors is incredible, the program has some powerful connections and is able to push for the scholars to get every opportunity they desire. Having that support there to go to bat for you seems extremely advantageous, and I’m looking forward to it.

Schaefer Matthew 2020