Alumni Profiles

Matthew Smith

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
High School: Bishop Kelley Catholic High School

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

I considered the efforts put forth in my high school years warranted applying to merit-based scholarships along with my college search, so I happened across the Robertson Program and had to at least give it a shot. One lucky break led to another and before I knew it, I was in fact a member of the esteemed leadership program. The financial incentive was obviously ever-present in my mind as I was applying, but I did take note on the potential for growth found in meeting and interacting with other multifaceted, intelligent current members of the program that I only glimpsed on the Robertson website. This expectation took shape in reality, and it could not have been more true. The real pull and prowess of this program are the very scholars that comprise it. I am a worlds better person and much more thoughtful leader do the interactions and relationships I have built through the Robertson Scholars community.

How has your experience with the Robertson shaped your goals and career path?

The Robertson has let me flourish as a curious college student by always supporting my interests with matched coordinated effort. I will be attending UNC for one more year working for my masters in Accounting after my undergraduate degree, and the Robertson has been with me every step of the way as a guide, mentor, and confidant.

What has been your favorite Robertson moment so far?

My favorite Robertson moment had to be Community Summer as a whole. There really just isn’t anything that can beat working at a zoo living with eleven other Robertsons in the city of New Orleans. The bonds I built, as well as the growth I manifested during my time there could never be replaced.


Smith, Matthew (UNC 2021)