Scholar Profiles

Max Golovsky

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Norfolk, VA
High School: Norfolk Collegiate School

From a young age, I was drawn towards engineering because of the limitless creative capacity that it allows. Working together with teams of other capable and excited people, whether in school or work, has always brought me great joy. After having the opportunity to work on various computer development projects over the past few years, I realized that I was fascinated by the rewarding and productive capacity of Biomedical Engineering. I hope that the Robertson Scholarship can provide me with the skills to participate and eventually lead in the cutting edge biomedical research at Duke University.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

When I was introduced to the Robertson Program, I couldn’t have been more excited.The Robertson class, students who may have different backgrounds and interests but share a spirit of curiosity and cooperation, was a major factor drawing me to the program. The sense of community among Robertson Scholars is another one of the many things that solidified my interest in the Robertson Scholarship. In addition, the opportunity to take classes at UNC, another fantastic university, is extremely exciting as well.

Golovsky Max