Alumni Profiles

Merrit Jones

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Lexington, SC
High School: River Bluff High School

When I noticed disparities among South Carolina schools and the lack of students in the conversation around how to improve them, I couldn’t sit by. My senior year, I founded Student Space, a South Carolina nonprofit organization which aims to give students a seat at the table in education decision-making.

I’m passionate about storytelling, policy, and youth empowerment. I just concluded my gap year where I pursued those passions full-time by traveling across the United States talking with students, researching and influencing education policy, and facilitating youth-oriented events and conferences. Today, I’m working nationally with Student Voice to amplify, aggregate, and accelerate student work.

You’ll find me studying a combination of social sciences and staying busy with all the activities Carolina and Duke’s vibrant campuses offer. I’ve never been one to sit around and do nothing. I’ll find time to practice yoga, cook and listen to podcasts between classes too.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

After taking a year off of school I was worried that my college experience may be dull compared to my gap year, until I read about the Robertson Program. The summer experiences, resources, and support offered are unparalleled. The program enables and equips scholars to imagine and do anything. The above paired with a dynamic community of scholars across two universities left me certain UNC was the best fit to grow as a scholar, leader and human.

Jones Merrit 2021