Alumni Profiles

Michael Muller

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Portland, OR
High School: Westview High School

I have been working with the Mathnasium corporation and have been teaching children math for many years now. Tutoring kids and being involved in their learning processes is something that I’m passionate about and immensely grateful for. With math being a large part of my life, I’m hoping to direct that energy into the field of computer science or possibly economics. I’m consistently amazed at the extent of which computers are part of our every day lives, so I’m excited to study and discover new ways that computers can help humans.

Other activities that are a big part of my life include music and meditation. I have been playing the piano and guitar for a few years now and making or playing music with friends and loved ones gives me so much joy. Practicing mindfulness through meditation is also a passion that I have discovered in recent years that has given me perspective in my daily activities and that I intend to continue throughout my life.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? The “dual-citizenship” aspect of the Robertson Program is the most unique element of the scholarship program that really drew me in. Of all the scholarships and programs I had read about, none offered such an amazing and special opportunity to be a part of two communities on two separate campuses. The freedom that the Program gives to its scholars along with all the resources and investments that is supplied to each individual Robertson Scholar gives us all the privilege to really go out and be unafraid to find our passions.

Muller, Michael (UNC 2021)