Scholar Profiles

Mikhal Ben-Joseph

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Cooper City, FL
High School: American Heritage School

Born and raised in the melting pot of South Florida, I found my high school self exploring activities almost as diverse as the community that surrounded me. Working in a science research lab in the heart of Latin Miami, being a host sister for Israeli foreign exchange programs, and studying abroad in Spain cultivated my fascination with other cultures; debating policy in Model United Nations and launching the Butterfly Project for Genocide Awareness at my school solidified my desire to study international relations and work to resolve world issues. As a “Robbie” at UNC, I want to experience the world from as many perspectives as possible and gain knowledge that will serve me and my community well, and I hope to do this by forming lasting connections with compassionate, hard-working people. Currently I’m very interested in public health policy, especially for vulnerable and minority communities, but I’m sure that my academic path will adapt to my latest engrossment. I value intentionality, honesty, and genuine passion in leaders, and I want to emulate these values throughout my four years, hopefully inspiring those around me to tap into their own leadership potential.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

My number one priority during the college search process (and in life generally) was to find a place with as many open doors as possible. I needed an environment that would help me turn my crazy dreams into reality: a community of extremely inspiring and unique individuals, the security of a college education that wouldn’t be a financial burden on my family, and the assurance that my experience would prepare me for a meaningful career and life after graduation. After looking at the website for just a few minutes the summer before senior year, I had a good feeling that the Robertson Program was exactly where I needed to be. After learning more about the program, talking to current current scholars, and attending Finalist weekend, I became sure that Robertson’s “Dual Citizenship” between UNC and Duke, limitless potential for leadership adventures, and cohort of students who are as excited about life as I am makes it the college experience of my dreams. I am beyond grateful to be a part of it.

Ben Joseph Mikhal