Alumni Profiles

Nate Miller

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Centennial, CO
High School: Cherry Creek High School

While most fourth graders spend their allowance on baseball cards and video games, I bought shares of Jamba Juice and Dick’s Sporting Goods stock. Years later, I remain fascinated by the stock market and economy. After taking marketing, macroeconomics, and microeconomics in high school, I decided to study business in college. During my junior year, I joined DECA, a business club, and participated in regional and state role play competitions. Through these competitions, I realized that I am motivated by problem solving in business scenarios. Another high school class that shaped my college focus was Environmental Science. I am most interested in energy, specifically sustainable energy. I hope to combine my problem-solving skills with finance, business, economics, and environmental science courses to work on sustainable energy solutions. I am confident with the resources offered at both UNC and Duke, I will develop an education path and career that I am passionate about.

Two things that have always been important to me are sports and helping other people. I’ve played many different sports throughout my life, but the one that stuck with me has been lacrosse. I was a two-year captain of my high school lacrosse team and we won the state championship twice. As captain, I learned many valuable lessons about leadership, cooperation, and creating cohesiveness and the results that follow. The sport of lacrosse also led me to co-found a non-profit group with a few of my high school teammates called Unified Lacrosse Colorado. Unified Lacrosse provides skills camps, scrimmages, and lacrosse events to special needs athletes in my community. With the help of many high school volunteers, we grew the Unified Lacrosse team to over 40 athletes and 40 partner athletes and our group played at half-time events at professional and college lacrosse games in Colorado. I plan to continue working with special needs athletes at UNC and take an active role with Special Olympics in North Carolina.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

I initially applied to the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program because of the impressive reputation, campus switch, and scholarship. When I stepped into Graham Memorial at UNC for finalist weekend, I was immediately drawn to the community. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is full of students and faculty who are incredibly driven, compassionate, and aware of the world around them, and this includes alumni as well. As a competitive individual, I am attracted to groups that will push me to become the best I can be. I have no doubt that this community of scholars and program will allow me to grow into a better student, leader, and member of society.

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