Scholar Profiles

Rahel Petros

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Laurel, MD
High School: Atholton High School

I believe where I come from and where I am headed in the future should inevitably be the same place. My aspirations have always involved me being immersed in and contributing to the communities I call home; luckily, these communities are ever-changing as I travel, explore, and continue to meet brilliant people. Having so many allegiances to the varying (and sometimes conflicting) aspects of my identity proves to be an invaluable asset to my success, and inspires me to pursue a career in the wide realm of public service: empowering people that share some of my experiences while simultaneously bringing their own unique perspectives to the table. Nevertheless, I’m young. I’m still naive, and I’m still impressionable: embracing it all while constantly hungry to outdo myself.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

I fell in love with Duke after my first campus visit, so I quickly got to researching different ways my four years could be funded, as my family would struggle to afford sending me here otherwise. The scholarship money alone, however, was not what drew me. Understanding the breadth and depth of opportunities offered by the Robertson Scholars program and their commitment to personal development drew me. As someone who is overwhelmed with interests in a variety of fields and disciplines, the Robertson Program was the perfect path for me to explore my passions freely while having plenty of resources to do so. Additionally, the brilliant Scholars I met and conversed with allowed me to authentically visualize what I could accomplish if I joined this program, and I knew my potential would be limitless if I became a Robertson Scholar.

Petros Rahel