Alumni Profiles

Rahi Patel

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Waxhaw, NC
High School: Marvin Ridge High School

My experiences in high school were all over the place. In school, I loved history and biology (and soon came to appreciate math as well). I explored everything from computer science and biomedical engineering to social entrepreneurship and constitutional law. But the work that I came to love ended up being research for my school’s debate team. When I was elected captain of the team, I found that my passions extended to teaching others about the topics that I loved. Researching, arguing, and teaching others about ethics, economics, international relations, and public policy never felt like a chore. This led me to explore economics and political science/public policy as my majors in college.

Outside the classroom I enjoy practicing calligraphy, playing tennis, and exploring photography. I love talking to anyone and everyone about things they like to do, learn about, and hope to achieve.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?  The financial freedom and close-knit community of the Robertson are what drew me to the program. As soon as I started learning about the program from current scholars and staff during Finalist Weekend, I knew that the support offered through the Robertson’s programs and community would enable me to achieve more than I could ever have dreamed of in college and beyond.

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