Alumni Profiles

Ralph Lawton

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Avondale, PA
High School: PA Leadership Charter School

Academic Interests: Economics & Chemistry

Extracurriculars / Hobbies: Economics & Global Health Research, Archery, Duke EMS,

What drew you to the Robertson Program? There were several factors that drew me to the Robertson program. The first was the opportunity to be part of a community of scholars with a shared desire to develop their skills in order to change the world for the better. In addition, unlike many other programs the Robertson program isn’t just focused in one field or another. They cultivate a group of scholars across disciplines, enabling each to learn from and build off of the others. The second was the chance to be part of a program that actively encourages students to push their limits and to learn to be uncomfortable, and then gives the students the resources to expand their comfort zones with remarkable experiences.

How has your experience with the Robertson Program shaped your goals and career path? In my first summer the program put me in Tarboro, North Carolina. It wasn’t somewhere I’d ever really thought I’d go, but it was an amazing summer where I learned about myself and made real contributions to the community I’d joined. My second summer I got the opportunity to travel to Indonesia to work on a population health research project. 

Favorite Robertson moment: Our Tarboro group’s weekly dinners at Waffle House when nothing else in the town was open.

Ralph Lawton