Scholar Profiles

Rebecca Stern

Campus: UNC

Hometown: Malvern, Pennsylvania 

Pronouns: She/Her

How do you believe you’ll create transformational change?

I hope to create transformational change in my communities by leading with listening and empathy. I believe in empowering the communities I am trying to help by amplifying community voices and connecting them to opportunities. I am also a strong proponent of mentorship, something I was very involved with in high school through a girls’ mentoring program I co-founded, Girls TogetHER. My strongest passions lie in gender and menstrual equity, and I hope to advance those as I work to create transformational change.

What drew you to the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program? 

When I was making my college decision, someone told me that the most effective choices are optimal in supporting creativity, experience, wholeness, and integrity. That an effective choice supports both self and world and allows the greatest freedom to be and to become, to choose and choose again. I don’t think anything fits that description as well as the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. The close-knit community of beyond talented student leaders with varying interests, but a common drive to create positive change in the world, ability to take full advantage of two of the best public and private schools in the nation, and the immense support of personal and professional growth and development with unique summer experiences drew me to the Robertson Scholars.

How has the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program impacted your personal, professional, or leadership growth? 

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program has quite honestly changed my life. From the summer before my freshman year when I changed my major, to meeting some of my closest friends from the NOLS pre-orientation trip, to the intentional focus on reflection and values, the Robertson has pushed me to be the most authentic, best version of myself and surrounded me with a community and support system that enables me to do that. I’m also able to do my second major (Global Gender Studies) at Duke, an incredible opportunity that I never would have if not for the Robertson. I am just starting my journey, but I already feel so beyond grateful for the Robertson and can feel myself growing because of the program and the wonderful opportunities it offers.

Rebecca S New