Alumni Profiles

Rebecca Sullenger

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
High School: Carrboro High School

Since I can remember, I have always asked questions. I desire to understand how and why things are the way they are. As I have grown up, I have learned that one of my goals is not only to understand, but also to use my knowledge to improve modern medicine. My favorite environment to be in is one in which the outcome is unknown. Thus, I started working in a research lab at Duke University where I studied the therapeutic applications of cord blood stem cells. Additionally, throughout my time in high school, I worked with my high school’s Global Health Club where Carrboro students raised awareness and money to help fight HIV, Ebola, TB, and other devastating diseases in developing countries. Although “medical care” is the common link between my work with the Global Health Club and the therapies I researched at Duke, the two represent the farthest extremes of the medical-care spectrum in this world. I aspire to become a physician-scientist who invents therapies that can help people of any socioeconomic status because I believe that everyone has the right to health.

Aside from biology and global health, I am very interested in chemistry, language, and culture. I love to travel and experience new things. Additionally, I enjoy running, competitive swimming, fashion, and meeting new people.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? I was drawn to the Robertson Program because of the opportunities that the program provides and because of the amazing people I met who were already part of the program. I also loved how I could take classes and live at both UNC and Duke as an undergraduate student.

How has your experience with the Robertson helped shape your goals and career path?

My summers with the Robertson Program have dramatically shaped my goals and career path. For my first summer, I worked with Breakthrough New Orleans as a teaching fellow, and for my second summer, I conducted child development reports in Costa Rica. These two summers confirmed my interest in public health and my aspiration to become a pediatrician.

Favorite Robertson moment: Before the start of my freshman year, my class went on a retreat. During a hike I was stung by two bees in the ankle very far from home base. Even though I had only met most of the other Robertsons the day before, my whole group made sure that I was ok and helped me get back to my cabin.

Sullenger Becca 2020