Scholar Profiles

Rishab Jain

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Davie, Florida
High School: American Heritage School Plantation

As a first-generation Indian American, I had the unique privilege to witness the world outside the suburban bubble when I went to visit my family in India. This outlook led me to provide 3D printed prosthetic hands to those in need and helped me discover my passion for social entrepreneurship. Just like Elon Musk, my goal is to become a social entrepreneur who leverages technology in order to solve global problems. Whether it be using blockchain to provide banking security or AI to eliminate accident fatalities, I strive to become a leader in the new frontier.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

I graduated with a scholarship from a very competitive private school in Florida that offered some of the best opportunities to further my education. What I enjoyed the most about my high school was how I was surrounded by some of the brightest students who inspired me to achieve the impossible. At the finalist weekend, I realized the Robertson program provides the same small knit community of intelligent people who will end up achieving some of the greatest feats, pushing me to do the same. Just like my high school, the way the program is designed leaders build leaders. Another unique aspect of the Robertson program is how invested the alumni are to the program. I was in complete shock when alumni working over 100-hour work weeks were willing to Skype call an incoming college freshman. Their dedication and willingness to drop everything to help a fellow Robertson, something few programs including ivy leagues can say, is truly what drew me to this program.

Jain RJ