Scholar Profiles

Sanjana Jha

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Frederick, MD
High School: Governor Thomas Johnson High School

I am a curious optimist and believe that exposure to diverse sources of knowledge and energetic people will give me the opportunity to test and push myself and inspire within me a sense of responsibility rather than a sense of entitlement. Within the Robertson Program, I expect to collaborate, learn from my peers, and execute ideas into actionable projects so that we can together make changes happen within the United States, as well as carry American goodwill to other places in desperate need of social or political change. I will bring to the Program my methodical approach and resilience to execute community change projects that will impact others’ lives. The Robertson Scholars program will allow me to explore new issues and refine my leadership skills through the summer experiences and being a student of both schools. Robert Baden-Powell once said, “Leave this world a little better than you found it.” Through the various endeavors I hope to be a part of in college, I want to pay the Robertson Scholars Program’s generosity forward. When I graduate, I hope to give back to my alma mater and create lasting societal change—being the international leader the Program knows I have the power to become.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

I am drawn to the unique and innovative approach of the Robertson Program to expose students to two amazing places of learning—harnessing the resources of both institutions to become lasting change makers. It is inspiring how the Program invests in young scholars like us so that we can become better individuals and believe in our goals, visions and plans to make community change a reality and also make a meaningful difference. By being a recipient of the Robertson Scholarship, I will be able to do just that while making the institution and foundation proud.

Jha Sanjana