Scholar Profiles

Sarah Zimmerman

Campus: Duke
Hometown: St. Charles, MO
High School: Francis Howell North High School

With interests and passions as eclectic as they come, one thing unifies them all: people. As a journalist, I adore meeting these new people, inquiring on their experiences, and sharing their story with the world. Moreover, I enjoy connecting the people of the story and those reading it to greater underlying social justice issues because as a human, it is those issues that I aspire to change. Whether by bridging refugees to human resources or in unifying students around a cause, I strive to be a catalyst of change on both a communitywide scale and global scale. As a stimulant for social change, I aspire to unite individuals across the globe, inspire others to rise and lead, and drive into the unknown and uncomfortable to pave the way to a future of innovation, progress, and connection.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

Just as connection with individuals drives who I am, connections within the Robertson Program are what drew me in. Unlike many scholars programs, the Robertson Scholars is about much more than academic achievement. The program invests within each individual for their life. While the program does bridge two complementary universities together to provide an unparalleled world-class education, it also creates a community of ambitious students who all are committed to being catalysts for change. It is this golden opportunity to build lifelong friendships with other dynamic thinkers in a collaborative, growth-oriented environment that made the decision to join the Robertson Program unthinkable to pass.

Zimmerman Sarah