Alumni Profiles

Warner Lamar

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Nashville, TN
High School: Montgomery Bell Academy

What drew you to the Robertson Program?

I was initially really excited about switch semester. Being engrained in two academic communities as different as UNC and Duke is a unique opportunity.

How has your experience with the Robertson shaped your goals and career path?

The community in the Robertson is full of really creative people. Being surrounded by such innovators has made me feel more confident in starting a venture of m y own someday.

What has been your favorite Robertson moment so far?

During community summer, I would on occasion drive to New Orleans for the weekend. I remember how excited I would get coming across the bridge. I realized on one of those trips that I was so excited because at some point freshman year, some of the other folks in this program had become my best friends. They still are.

Lamar Warner 2021