Scholar Profiles

Zachary Finacchio

Campus: Duke

Hometown: Hamilton, New Jersey

What strengths and passions are you bringing to the Robertson community?

My principal passions over the past few years have been related to community service and the performing arts. One of my guiding goals in life is to leave the world and the spaces I inhabit better than I found them (keeping in mind that “better” is not always cut and dry and that often times, to truly help a community improve, one needs to empower the community members to take the reigns). Accordingly, I have developed experiences in fundraising, community outreach, and the intricacies of hands-on service that I intend to carry with me at Robertson. Moreover, my work in the performing arts has allowed me to foster deeper, more nuanced relationships with others and the world around me through the unique level of empathy accessed in a theatrical performance, which is a skill I hope to forever hold close.

Zachary Finacchio