Scholar Profiles

Campus: Duke
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
High School: Roseville College

I have always loved having an interdisciplinary approach to life and consequently I have a variety of academic and extra curricular passions. I have always been interested in biology and I particularly love learning about its intersection with global studies. My love for traveling has driven me to learn more about the disparities in healthcare around the world by participating in various forums and programs both in Australia and overseas. I also have a keen interest in exploring foreign languages, politics and photography. I aspire to find a career and a lifestyle that combines all of these passions.

Outside of the classroom, I am involved in a lot of sport including soccer, softball, netball, touch football and athletics. I also love playing piano and taking photographs in my spare time. I have been passionate about community service ever since I started volunteering as a sport umpire at a young age. Since then, I have spent a large portion of my time in various volunteer roles including service-orientated leadership positions at school and as an intern at the Humpty Dumpty Foundation based in Australia.

What drew you to the Robertson Program?The Robertson Program stood out to me because it is not just a reward for the great things you have done, it is also an investment for the great things you are going to do with your future. It provides such a great support network, which is especially important for me as a student coming from the other side of the world! I have always loved the feeling of being outside my comfort zone and this program is definitely the challenge that I was hoping for. I am also very excited for the experiences abroad that this program brings and I look forward to widening my perspective of the world around me.

King Zoe 2021